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Erotic Literature

Writing erotic novels is fun. However, a lot of people I know kind of blush and shy away from the topic. Or they suggest that erotic novels aren’t really novels. They consider them more of something trashy that you don’t admit that you read. Growing up, my mother read romance novels like they were going out of style. I never knew that I’d grow up to write them myself. There is little different between romance novels and erotic novels. The main difference is the degree of graphic sexuality. Romance contains sex, but not to the level of erotic literature. The latter can get extremely graphic. And, for me, that’s part of the fun. In some novels, not of an erotic nature, the sex can get blurred out, as it is not the main focus.

It may be there, but it’s not always explored in deep detail. That’s where erotic novels step up to the plate. The entire story focuses on the romance and sexual relationship of the main characters. However, that doesn’t mean that the story goes by the wayside. Characters still have to grow and evolve throughout the novel. Without it, you’re just reading a series of sexual situations without the characters ever really getting anywhere.

And writing an erotic novel is no less difficult than writing any other kind of novel. They are harder, in my opinion. The challenge of writing sex in a novel, without losing sight of what the story is about, is a rather hard. No pun intended. No. I take that back. That pun was intended. The sex needs to flow together with the story without feeling out of place. The reader also needs to be able to relate to the story. Not just what happens during the heated encounters. If they can’t relate, there isn’t much reason for them to continue reading your novel.

I understand erotic novels aren’t for everyone, but I wish people would understand the amount of work that goes into writing them. And that these novels are just as literary as more mainstream publications. They are just intended for mature readers.


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